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About LCHC

The Lowcountry Hazard Center was originally funded by a major grant from NASA making it officially recognized as a NASA-supported regional hazards center.  The Center’s mission focuses on the multiple hazards that make the Lowcountry unique.  The role of the Center is to:

  • focus on the science behind natural, environmental and anthropogenic hazards in the region
  • identify, investigate, and analyze hazards
  • to support, prepare, and educate citizens and agencies across the region. 

The Center has taken a lead role in being a clearing house for information and a focus for pre-and post-disaster activities in the region. It is an interdisciplinary, multi-institution, multi-agency collaborative endeavor. The academic core of the hazards center has included participants from not only departments across the College of Charleston campus, but faculty from: The Citadel, University of South Carolina, and Clemson University.  Local and State partners currently include: South Carolina Emergency Management Division, South Carolina Geodetic Survey, and the Charleston County Building Department (which includes emergency planning for the county).  The Federal agencies include: USGS – Hazards Group, Geography Group, Earthquake Group, NOAA Coastal Services Center, Army Corps of Engineers, USDA/ FS – Forested Wetlands Research center, NASA, FEMA, and the EPA.